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So Near Yet So Far Part~4



It was a normal day in school. All were chatting about what had happen in their weekends. And as usual Kaori and Maho were talking about fangirling and of course Hey! Say! JUMP when all of a sudden…


MIKA:                        Ohmigosh! You rock girl!

TORI:                         Ssssshhh… quiet! I don’t want everybody to know that!

MIKA:                        Why not?!

TORI:                         I don’t want to cause any trouble here…and besides…

MAHO:                      *cutting Tori’s sentence* Hey guys! What’s up with you two?

MIKA:                        Etto…Tori~chanmeetHey!Say!JUMPlastsaturdaynightataparty!!

KAORI:                      Whoa! That was fast and non-stop, but… I get the picture!

K & M:                       *screaming* YOU MEET THE EVER HANDSOME and HOT

                                    HEY! SAY! JUMP!!!!

TORI:                         Sssshhh!!!! Shut up! It’s embarrassing!

MIKA:                        And not just that Ryosuke would pick her up after school!

K & M:                       What?!!! Such luck!

TORI:                         It’s no big deal! Yamada and I are just friends.

MAHO:                      No big deal? Just friends?

KAORI:                      You must be kidding me?! Don’t you know how hard it is for us

fangirls to meet someone like him and more to that…be…be FRIENDS?!!

TORI:                         ----oh…



The rest of the day just seems normal until the end. When the

rumor about Tori being a friend of the JUMP members spread all over the campus, fangirls from all over the class flocked into Tori’s classroom to find her just to ask what is the feeling of being a celeb’s friend. And when they didn’t find her there, they searched and searched until…


FANGIRL1:               There she is in the parking lot!!

FANGIRL2:               And she’s with a guy!!!

FANGIRL3:               It’s…it’s…YAMADA RYOSUKE!!!RUN!!!!

ALL GIRLS:             TORI~CHAN!!!!!

TORI:                         Wha---?!!

RYOSUKE:                *grabs Tori by the hand and run

TORI:                         Matte…what are you doing?!

RYOSUKE:                Getting the two of us out of trouble…

TORI:                         Hahaha…you’re right! I don’t get it… why do all the girls go

                                    after you guys? Even me…coz now they know I’m one of your


RYOSUKE:                I don’t know…maybe because of our talents. NO! Maybe its our

                                    good looks!!hahahaha.. Just kiddin’!

TORI:                         Yeah right! hahaha… by the way…why’d you decide to pick me

                                    up from school?

RYOSUKE:                I want to take you at Johnny’s Studio. Your father said that you are

                                    a big fan of Arashi and NEWS. So yeah… I’m taking you there.

                                    And besides JUMP are having rehearsals.

TORI:                         *wide eyed* HONTO NI??!! KYAAAA!!!

RYOSUKE:                Well, here we are! It’s really near from your school if you take the

                                    shortcut we’ve just took.

TORI:                         Yeah, you’re right! Is that… is that… JUN MATSUMOTO!! In


RYOSUKE:                Hai. Matsujun~sempai, konnichiwa! I want you to meet a friend,


MATSUJUN:             Hello, Tori! Dozo yoroshiku…

TORI:                         Hai…hajimemashite…*nearly fainting*

RYOSUKE:                She’s really a fan of your group and I’m taking her for a tour at


MATSUJUN:             Souka ~ne. Ano..enjoy your tour, Tori~chan.

TORI:                         Hai! I will! Ryo~chan…this is so cool!!

RYOSUKE:                What did you just call me? Ryo~chan?

TORI:                         Hai…oh…you don’t like it? I will not call y---

RYOSUKE:                Do you know that you’re the first one who called me that…I like

                                    it… a lot…

TORI:                         *blushes*

RYOSUKE:                Well, here we are! Minna!! Tori~chan is here!!

YUTO:                        *stop for a moment and then look at Tori~chan’s chest*

JUMP:                       IRRASHIMASE, TORI~CHAN!!

TORI:                        Hai…arigatou ~naa!! Ano… o~genki desu ka, minna~san?

RYUTARO:               Genki desu! Kimi wa?

TORI:                        Hai…atashi mo! ~ne what are you doing?

KEITO:                      We’re just rehearsing for our show appearance in Music Station

                                   this coming Friday night.

CHINEN:                    Yup…and your just in time… we’re just going to polish it all up.

TORI:                         Eh?!! Kyaa!!! Sugoi!! I wanna see!! I wanna see!!

RYOSUKE:                Hehehe…Sure!

STAFF:                       Eh! Minna! Come here!! IMA!!

JUMP:                        HAI!!

RYOSUKE:                Just seat back and relax…we’ll be right back…OK?

TORI:                         Hai! I’m going to watch it! *eyes sparkling*


While doing the rehearsal for their performance in Music Station, Yuto can’t stop looking at Tori’s chest. He’s wondering where she had got the ring pendant on her necklace. It’s a good thing he never committed any mistakes while practicing their step. Right guys!?! (He-he-he)



STAFF:                       And…we’re done!! You can now go and relax. Good job


JUMP:                        Hai! Arigatou gozaimasu!

HIKARU:                    So, Tori~chan…ano… wanna hang out with us today?

DAIKI:                        Yeah… we’re going to go to Yama~chan’s place.

CHINEN:                    You know, it’s his younger sister’s birthday.

TORI:                         Eh? Sure! I’d love to!

YUTO:                        Maybe you should ask permission to your parents first. *still

                                   looking at the necklace*

YABU:                        Eh… Nakajima`kun…

YUTO:                        Hai??

YABU:                        Why do you keep on staring at Tori~chan’s necklace?

YUTO:                        *back to senses…don’t know what to say*…a…ano…

TORI:                         Nakajima~kun? Is there something wrong?

YUTO:                        Huh? A..ano…nandemonai…just wondering where you get that

                                   ring…in your necklace?

TORI:                         Ahmm…I just got it from someone. It’s really a long story if you’d

                                   ask me.

YUTO:                        Oh…souka. Can you tell us?

TORI:                         <<Why would someone like him be interested in knowing the

                                   story behind this ring? But I’ve got a feeling there’s a reason for all

                                   this. But what is it?>>

RYOSUKE:                Minna! Let’s go! Mum just called and everything’s ready.

JUMP&TORI:           Hai! Be right there!


And so another party was yet to be attended. At the party Yuto was still thinking of Tori, the ring and what could be the story all about.


YUTO:                       <<Tor’s name is the same name of the little girl I knew ten years

                                  ago. And she has the same ring I gave the little girl. It really is the

                                  same. It can’t be just mere coincidence. Can it?>>

INOO:                       Oi…Yuu~chan! Why the long face? Is there something wrong?

YUTO:                       Iie…it’s just that…oh nevermind…

INOO:                       C’mon tell me…

CHINEN:                   Hey! What are you two talkin’ about, huh?

YUTO:                       Nothing. He’s just wondering what I was thinking awhile ago.

CHINEN:                   Then what is it?


So Yuto told them what was bothering him. And the two JUMP members listen attentively trying to figure out what could be the connection between Yuto, the ring and of course Tori.


CHINEN:                    So that’s it! I think the little girl from ten years ago and Tori~chan

                                   is the same person!

INOO:                        Yeah! That might be it1

YUTO:                        Impossible! She can’t even recognize me or even notice this…

                                   *showed the necklace from ten years ago*

RYOSUKE:                Hey!!!*sigh*

KEITO:                       What’s wrong?

RYOSUKE:                Nandemonai…It’s Tori~chan   . I think…I’ve fallen in love with her


YUTO:                        EH? SERIOUSLY??!!

RYOSUKE:                *sparkly eyed* Yeah! I know. I can’t even believe it myself too…

DAIKI:                        Must be love at first sight eh, Yama~chan?

RYOSUKE:                I guess so…

YUYA:                        So when will you confess?

RYOSUKE:                I don’t know. I’ve got to plan for that…

YUYA:                        Yeah! And I’ve got my bestfriend beside me to help me all through

                                   this. Right, Yuu~chan? *putting one of his arm on Yuto~kun’s


YUTO:                        A…ano…Hai…*sort of unsure by his answer*

TORI:                         There you are! What’s going on?

JUMP:                       Oopsy…


--> what would the JUMP members do? Uh-oh…looks like Ryosuke’s steaming up a feeling for Tori…and is Yuto~kun’s suspicions true…let’s find out by the next chapter!!! 





So Near Yet So Far~3


Mika: Whoa! Girl you look so fabulous with that outfit!!
Tori:  Eh? Honto ni? Demo...I feel funny wearing this.
Mika: Don't be!!! You are beautiful you know.

       Tori was wearing a fabulous white dress with an elegantly arraged pattern of beads. *Remember Tsukushi Makino of Hana Yori Dango Jdrama, the one she wear in that party of Suzuka it's somehow looks like that.^^*

Dad: C'mon girls We'll be late! TORI????!!! Is that you?
Mum: Such beauty my dear! Is that really my daughter, Mika~chan?
Mika: Hai. She is your daughter!
Dad: They really grow up so fast these days.
Tori: Awwww..dad...let's go before I cry, okay.

      At the party---

Ryosuke: Where the heck are those guys? I thought they'll be coming.
Yuto:         Hey! Yama~chan!!
JUMP:      HEY!!
Ryosuke: I thought you guys weren't coming when you promise me all along that you will.It'd made me nervous.
Keito:       Ha-ha-ha.Of course we'll come. It's a party right guys?!
JUMP:      YEAH!!!!!!
Ryosuke: So what are we doing? It's party time!

     On the other hand, Mr. Saionji just arrived with his family and Mika. They were given a warm welcome by Yamada~sama,the father of Ryosuke.

Mr. Yamada: Welcome,Ichiro! I believe this is your family with you.
Mr. Saionji:   Hai. This is my wife Megumi, my daughters Tori and Aya and their friend Mika.
Mr. Yamada: Nice meeting all of you. Your daughters are so beautiful. I have a son the same age as Tori is. I'll
                        introduce him later to her.
Mr. Saionji:   Hai. I want her to meet your son too. They might became good friends.
Megumi:       Oh yes. Right, Tori?
Tori:               Ahhh..I hope so.*blushes*
Mr. Yamada: Let's get you all a drink.
Mr. Saionji:    That's a great idea.
Tori:                Mum, dad..we'll just go around the place.
Megumi:        Sure. Just be careful dear.
Tori:                Yes, Mum. I'll see you later okay.

      And there Tori and Mika explore the place. They've seen different kinds of people. There were businessmen, press people even celebrities. They've seen Maki Horikita with Oguri Shun on one side and Ikuta Toma on the other talking to one of the reporters. These party really is a big one, eh? Tori and Mika ended up beside the pool outside.

Mika: Isn't this a nice place, Tori~chan?
Tori: Yes, you're right. So beautiful, what else could be nicer?
Mika: I know...seeing so many celebrities? Ha-ha-ha!! *looks at Tori's necklace with the ring pendant* Ano.. Tori..
          That ring...where did you get it? It's so pretty.
Tori: Oh this one? It's the ring Yuto gave me ten years ago. I really treasure this, because I might see him again
         someday. Though I think it's impossible.
Mika: Eh? There you go again. You're such a negative thinker. Who knows...you might someday meet him. And
          don't forget your Dad's gonna introduce to you to some guy. I wonder is he cute?
Tori: *looked at Mika seriously then burst out laughing* hahahahahahahah!!! Yeah right! I almost forgot that.
         They might be looking for us now. Let's go back inside.

      The two was on their way inside when Mika noticed something, not actually something but someone. He is so familiar to her she can't be wrong it was.. it was..

Mika: DAIKI ARIOKA!!!! Of Hey!Say!JUMP...can't be!
Tori:  Eh? Doko?
Mika: There!!! *but sees another person*
Tori:  Where? Where?
Mika: Oh..wait! There is someone who looked exactly like Yuuri Chinen!!!Kyaaa!!!
Tori:  Honto ni!? Whre?! *but bumps into someone in her attempt to look to the otehr direction*
Yuto: Hey!!! Watch it!!
Tori:  Ano.. HONTO NI GOMENASAI!!! *making a full bow* 

      When Tori had risen up from her bowing position she noticed that she was not just in front of any ordinary person. It ws that Nakajima guy! And she bowed again.

Tori:  Ano...HONTO NI GOMENASAI!! I didn't mean to---
Yuto: It's Ok...things like this could happen.
Mika: Nakajima~kun? Is that you? We are really sorry.
Yuto: Hai. Daijobu desu. *notices the ring in Tori's necklace*
Mika: We should be going now. We're really sorry.
Yuto: Eh...chotto matte ne! Can I ask you something?

*Tori and Mika stopped in shocked and crossed their fingers*

Yuto: Hey! You!! The girl who bumped me... May I ask you something?
Tori: *gulp* Eh?.. Watashi? What is it?
Yuto: Where did you get that-------
Aya:   Nee~chan!! Mika~chan! Dad is looking for you two!
Tori:  Ahm..we need to go.. sumimasen...
Mika: That was a close call. What did you think is he going to ask you?
Tori:  I don't know! All I know is Dad is already loo\king for us. So hurry up!

      Mr. Saionji is already talking to Yamada Ryosuke when Tori and Mika approached them.

Mr. Saionji: There she is!!
Tori:             Hi Dad!
Mr. Saionji: Musume no Tori da. Ano..Tori, this is the son of my good friend Kintaro.
Ryosuke:    Hai..<<Suteki na hito da na>>ano..Ore wa no Yamada Ryosuke. Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu
                     hajimemashite. O~genki desu ka?
Tori:             Ano..hai..genki desu! atashi no namae Tori desu.
Mr. Yamada: Why don't we leave this two alone to get them to know each other.
Mr. Saionji: Of course. I've got a feeling they'll be getting along so well..

      And so the two were left alone by their Dads.

Ryosuke: So you're in Senior year now, eh?
Tori:          Hai. I am. I'm studying at the local Middle School at our town.
Ryosuke: Oh...sou desu ne..Same as me. So that means..anata wo 15 sai desu?
Tori:          Yup! And I know you are too.
Ryosuke: How'd you know that?
Tori:          Well,two factors. First, both of us are now seniors. Second, Hey!Say!JUMP is so popular at our school
                  that even your birthdays are known.
Ryosuke: Eh? Honto ni? *blushes*
Tori:          Hai. Honto ni!
Ryosuke: Wow! I can't believe that. Anyways, speaking of HSJ...they're here. Have you seen them already?
Tori:          Yes, I have. Specially Nakajima~kun, I bumped into him accidentally. Kyaa!! It is so embarassing.
Ryosuke: Iie. Daijobu naa. He's not that bad, he's actually kind. I remeber this story he told me once that 
                  happened to him ten years ago about a little girl---
Hikaru:     Yo! yama~chan! Let's party! Oh..gomen, I haven't noticed that you were with beautiful lady.
Ryosuke: ha-ha-ha! Hikaru~kun, daijobu..daijobu!! By the way...I want you guys to meet Tori Saionji.
Tori:          Nice to meet all of you! You can call me, Tori~chan!
Yuuri:       Tori? Tori? Where on earth did I ever hear that name before?
Ryosuke: Eh? Minna, where is Yuu~chan?
Keito:       He said he would leave early don't you remember that? He said he would be doing something.
Yabu:       What? Look at the necklace the little girl 10 years ago gave him?
Ryosuke: Shut  up guys! I'll call him later. Right, Tori~chan?
Tori:          *thinking somethin* <<girl from ten years?? necklace??>>
Ryosuke: Hey! Tori~chan?!
Tori:          Sumimasen. I just remembered something. <<can it be?>>

~~> well that's chapter 3 minna. oooohh..when will be that day that the two would realize that they are already together and that there is no need to search further..kyaaa!!!..see yah nxt episode^^

So Near Yet So Far~2


       Mika and Tori was on their way home and Mika can't stop talking over and over and over about those ever-new-hot-and-popular Hey!Say!JUMP.

Mika:  I mean...it's like "Ohmigosh! Are those boys real?!" They're like angels! So beautiful!!
Tori:  Huh? I think they're just as normal as Kazuki~kun. **Kazuki~kun is someone who likes her**
Mika:  Duh!!! No way!!! Don't ever compare Johnny's talents to your lover Tori~chan.hmpf!
Tori:  Hey! He's not my lover! FYI I hate him! He is so annoying!Urghhhhh!!!!Wanna crush his face!!!
Mika:  Whoa!Whoa! Calm down...Breathe..In..Out..In..Out..
Tori:  how can I calm down, whenever I see him my day is always ruined! >:c
Mika:  Well, so much for that nonsense guy. May I ask you, whom do you like in all the JUMP members?
Tori:  Mika~chan, I already told you.They all look so noemal to me. *then Nakajima's image flash before her eyes*
          Ok..ahmm..that Yamada guy..and what's that again? Yab..Yaku??
Mika:  Oh..Yabu~kun!! Not Yaku!! ha-ha-ha...
Tori:  Well,sorry!! I'm not their fan you know. And oh, that Nkajima guy caught my eye too. It's like I've met him from
          somewhere before.
Mika:  Impossible! Must be someone you knew just looked a lot like him.
Tori:  Hmm..maybe your right.Well..I'll be going here. Ja ne!!^^
Mika:  Ja ne!!^^

        Tori arrived at her home finding so much mess at the living room.

Tori:  TADAIMA!! Wha--what happened in here?!
Mum: Nandemonai...your sister just made her project in Social Studies.
Tori:  Ehhhh??? how come it's this messy? Its like a storm passed through here!
Mum: You know your sister.

       With an irritated mood, Tori climbed upstairs and hurriedly open the door of her younger sister's bedroom.

Aya:  Ahhh!! Nee~chan!! Don't scare me like that!
Tori: Go down immediately and clean up your mess! Don't let Mum do the cleaning you baka!!
Aya:  Ehhh..nee~chan..honto ni gomenasai..demo..don't call me baka.
Tori: *smiled at her sis* Ha-ha..OK..OK..go now.

     When her sister had left the room Tori changed into house clothes and started doing her homeworks. She was in the middle of making her physics assignment when all of a sudden that Nakajima guy's photo flashed in her mind again.

Tori: Urghh!! Why is his picture always flashing in my head/ it could be Yamada's or Yabu's or even Yuuri's. But
         why him?!!!
Aya:  Nee~chan!?! daijobu desu ka? Mum and I can hear you downstairs.
Tori: Hai. Daijobu desu. Demo..that Nakajima guy's photo always flashes on my head and I don't know why?
Aya:  Nakajima? Who is he?
Tori: Heard about J.E.'s new boy group? The HSJ?
Aya:  Yeah! and oh boy..those boys are hot nee~chan!!Doshite?
Tori: He's one of them.
Aya:  Eh? Honto ni? I have a picture of them. Where is he here?
Tori: That one!
Aya:  Souka..KYAAAAA!!! So kakko ii!!!
Tori: NOT! Yabu and Yamada and Yuuri are much more KAKKO II!!!
Aya:  Eh?Anyways..why are you so angry rather annoyed with Nakajima~kun? You two doesn't even know each
Tori: Shiranai...
Aya:  So calm down nee~chan. He's just a celebrity and probably you won't meet him.
Tori: Yeah, you're right. But i wann meet those three! XD
Aya:  *sigh* Yeah right. Okaasan had already cooked dinner, so let's go down ~ne, nee~chan.
Tori: Hai..I'm goin'.

     During dinner...


Dad: Uhmm..Oishii!!
Aya:  Hai! darou ~ne, nee~chan?
Tori: Hai! Honto ni!
Mum: Awww..honto ni arigato atashi no kazoku desu!
Tori: Ano..I'm finish already.
Mum: That quick?
Tori: Hai. I need to finish my homeworks. Demo, honto ni totemo oishii desu!
Mum: Ok..Domo!

       At her room Tori just finished all her homeworks when she laid her eyes on her hands. She saw the ring taht Yuto gave her.

Tori: <<It's really beautiful. I wonder where Yuto~kun is. Have he eaten his dinner yet? Or did he finished doing
         his homeworks already? Where is he?>>

      Meanwhile at Johnny's Jimusho, the JUMP members were having their last shots for the Oricon Style Magazine. They really are such  big hit with the audience eh?

Daiki: Nakajima~kun, what are you doing?
Yabu: As ususal, looking at his most treasured thing. Ahahaha.
Inoo:  What? The necklace?
Hika: What else? hahaha! he's reminiscing something from the past!
Yuya: Eh? Nakajima~kun, what's that necklace's story all about?
Nakajima: Eh!! Stop teasing me guys! And Takaki~kun, this necklace really means a lot to me. I have only one
                   person in mind when I see this.
Ryutaro:  Dare?
Nakajima: A little girl I've met before ten years ago.
Hika: Ooohh..the bully is being sentimental..hahaha
Daiki: Eh..sshh..So is it like..you know..first love..eh..Nakajima~kun?
Yamada: Yuto?! You already had a first love and you didn/t tell me that!
Yuto: Of course I did! The one I told you about taht was on the Central Park.The one I showed the way through
          the fountain so taht she'll find her Mother.
Yamada: Oh..souka.
Yuto: Demo, I won't be able to see her again and she might already forgotten all about me.
Yamada: Eh. Can't be! Impossible! Remember you told me taht you gave her your ring back then.
Yuto: Yeah, butshe might already lost it.
Daiki: Iie.I don't think so. Coz if you keep taht necklace of hers for ten long years, she must've done the same too.
Inoo: Dai~chan's right.
Yuuri: Ooooohh...a love story!!kyaa!!!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Eh!! Minna! Come here! Last pose for the cover.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Compress guys! OK..1-2-3! We're finished!

Yamada: Minna! My dad is having a party this coming Saturday.
Yuto: Oh yeah, he's going to London for a year right?
Yamada: Hai. And he's going there with Saionji~sama. he is really a good friend of my dad, so the two of them
                 decided to throw a party before they leave.
Yabu: So what are you trying to say?
Yamada: Of course I'm inviting you guys!
JUMP: Eh?! Of course we'll come!
Yuya: Well, see you on Saturday night guys! Ja! Need to rest!

       And so the JUMP members said their goodbyes to each other and went to their own homes. When morning came it was a bright and----

Tori: NANTO?! On Saturday?But---
Dad: No buts my dear. Please give Daddy that day Ok..and besides I'll be leaving already after that party.
Mum: You're dad's right. Ok dear?
Tori: Oh..Okay..
Dad: Now that's my girl. I'm soing to introduce you to my friend's son.I've heard he's such a great guy. 
Tori: Eh? Honto ni? Demo..can I invite Mika~chan to come with us?
Dad: Well...
Tori: Please..Oh Kudasai, Otoosan...
Dad: Okay. Yopu can invite her.
Tori: Thanks so much, Dad!! Mwah! Well I'm off to school now!

      At the school Mika was busy talking to Maho and Kaori about HSJ. Boy, don't these girls haven't had enough of those boys yet? They're always seem to be topic of evry conversation. XD

Maho: Right! I like Keito Okamoto! Cause he's really fluent in speaking english!
Kaori: Mine is Yabu Kota! He has such an angelic face.
Mika: Well I like Yama-----
Mika: *bewildered* Huh?! Nanto?! Do ka shimashita ka?!
Tori: Iie...demo...my dad is going to this party and you're invited. I mean you're coming with us!!
Mika: Eh?? are you sure?
Tori: Uh-huh!!
Mika: KYAAAAAAA!!!Sugoi! When?
Tori: Saturday night, 7pm.
Mika: Got it! Of course I'll come!
Tori: Great! So we're goin' to pick you up or...you're gonna sleep at our house?
: Okay then! JA!!!^^

~~> what could happen in that party. The JUMP members were there and so is Tori..Would Yuto and Tori see each other?..hurmm..see yah in the next episode!!ja!!^^

So Near Yet So Far~Part 1


Tori Saionji                       female lead
Yuto Nakajima                 male lead
Mika Yamaguchi              Tori's bestfriend
Yamada Ryosuke            Yuto's bestfriend

Suzuka Fujiwara             antagonist
Aya Saionji                       Tori's imooto and love interest of Chinen :p
Yuuri Chinen                    friend
JUMP Members
Maho Kazumi                  fangirl
Kaori Himura                  fangirl


        It was such a bad weather that day.The cold wind blew on the bare soil, flowers withered because there is not enough sunlight to give them warmth.And on that day the people on that busy town of Tokyo where rushing to go home, and yet one person didn't. She was all alone there in that dark, stinky and gloomy corner.

Little Tori:   Mommy! Mommy! Where's my Mommy?! I want my Mommy! *sniffs.
Little Boy:   Are you okay there little girl? Why are you crying?
Little Tori:   Who are you? I want my Mommy!
Little Boy:   Calm down..I'll help you look for her if you want.
Little Tori:   *between sobs* Is..it..Okay with you?
Little Boy:   Sure! Well first, we should go some place where we can take shelter of. You know it's really a bad
Little Tori:   Okay.

        After several minutes of waiting, the gloomy weather went to an ease. It had stopped blowing its cold and freezing breeze.

Liitle Boy:   Let's go! Let's go look for your Mom!
Little Tori:   *eyes brightened with joy* Honto ni?!!
Little Boy:   Hai! Honto ni! By the way..ano..where did you last saw them or rather being with them?
Little Tori:   I remember there was this beautiful fountain in the middle of that place. There is also this ice cream
                    parlor and a toy store filled with great toys!
Little Boy:   A fountain..ice cream..toys..I know that place! C'mon follow me!

        The little boy showed little Tori the way when suddenly---

Woman:      TORI!!!!!!!!
Little Tori:    MOMMY!!! *cries.
Woman:      Where on earth have you been? We were so worried...you almost killed us!
Little Tori:   I'm sorry Mommy.I don't know where you are so I walk and walk untill I get to a dark place.
Man:            Thank goodness my liitle angel is alright!
Little Tori:   Mom,Dad..I'll be back in a minute..
W and M:    Tori! Where are you going?!
Little Tori:   *running towards the little boy who helped her* Here! take it!! We might see each other some time in
                     the future...so keep it...and...Honto ni arigato! Ja!!!^^
Little Boy:   But---
Woman 2:  Yuu~chan!! There you are!!
Little Boy:   Wait! I want you to keep this too.*giving her his ring* BYE! Ki o tsukete, Tori!! Ü
Little Tori:   Sayonara!! Matte! Anata no namae desu ka?
Little Boy:   YUTO!!
Little Tori:   Hai!! Arigato Yuto!!Sayonara!!*then looked at her hand* Such a beautiful ring.I wish we could meet

        While on the other hand---

Little Yuto:   I really like this necklace she gave me. I wish I would meet her again...

        Ten years have rapidly passed and now little Tori was already 15 years old and now a senior student at the Local Middle School in Tokyo.

Mika:      Hey! Have you heard the news?
Tori:       Iie! Doshite? Is it a great news?
Mika:      Hai! Honto ni! Eh...you're not listening!!
Tori:       Huh? I'm sorry Mika..
Mika:     *sigh* You're thinking of him again, aren't you? That boy who helped you ten years ago.
Tori:       Well, he's not that easy to forget you know. and besides...Yuto no kakko ii desu!!
Mika:     Eh?! So he's handsome..is he your first love, Tori~chan?
Tori:      Iie!! Just a special friend...besides its impossible for us to see each other again.
Mika:     That's not true!
Tori:       How can you say that?! I don't even know his last name and even his address...
Mika:     Ahhhh---- *speechless.

       The bell rang which indicates the students dismissal from class.

Kaori:   hey! Mika! Have you heard the news?
Mika:    Which one? The new group that was released by Johnny's Jimusho last saturday?
Kaori:   hai! That one!  Where did you get it?
Mika:   *points to one their classmates* Her! Who else?
Kaori:  Souka ~ne..well, what do you think of them?
Mika:   I think they're Ok. And I also heard their new song "Ultra Music Power". Is that right? Well, its great!!
Maho:  Is this all about the new-ever-good-looking HEY!SAY!JUMP from Johnny's Jimusho???
Kaori:   *eyes twinkling* YES!!!!!!
Tori:     *startled* Whoa!Whoa! Hang on guys! What's the fuss all about?
Maho:  Oh nothing...just a bunch of newly released all KAWAII BOYS BAND from J.E.!!!!
Kaori:  And their oh so cool music "Ultra Music Power". Kyaaaa!! Sugoi!! ~ne, Ika~chan?
Mika:   Honto ni! Honto ni! Hey!Say!JUMP no sugoi desu! WAAA!!!!
Tori:    O----kay..hurmmm..may I take a look at those photos?
Maho: Sure! And tell us who's the most handsome! Hahaha!
Tori:    Hahaha...Ahmmm..Ano..Dare wo kore?
Kaori: Nani? Sono? Ano..darou~ne..Nakajima~kun.
Tori:    Ahhh..Nakajima.How about these two?
Maho: Those two are Yuuri and Yamada.E-tto..those three (Nakajima,Yuuri and Yamada) are the most popular
             member of HSJ...Doshite?
Tori:   Huh? Nandemonai
..<<this guy..this Nakajima guy looks so familiar>>

<< >> ~ the characters are only talking on their minds..hehehe^^

~~> that's chapter 1 minna..ano..i'll see you at the next one..please leave me comments ne..arigato gozaimasu!!!ki o tsukete!!!mwah!!!^^



Gea: oohhh!! who will be our special guest for today?

Ghie: how many do u want?

Gea: as many as we can!!!kyaa!!

Ghie: you first..hu wud be behind our magic door? please introduce him or i'd rather say them, Gea~chan!!!

Gea: Err..*frantically looks through the cue cards in her hand* where is it?uhmm..AHA!!! mwahahaha!! The ever so awesome.. HEY!SAY!JUMP!

*audience roaring!

Audience: whooo!! YUTO!! Dai~chan!! Yama~chan!

Ghie: welcome to our show members of the ever popular Hey!Say!JUMP.. first off..how was it being a celeb? who wants to answer first?

Gea: Ooh! May I pick Ghie~chan? I know the audience would love to hear from him! May I? May I?

Ghie: Oh sure my partner.You choose, demo.. the audience might go wild with your choice..hahaha..

Gea: *cough.cough* everyone,please reamin civilized as i announced the very special person who shall be the first to answer.*audience nods excitedly* and the person is none other than..NAKAJIMA YUTO~san!!! *audience screams defeaningly as Yuto waves*

Ghie: such a warm appreciation towards one of our guests eh..gea~chan?..hmm..

Gea: hai!

Ghie: so yuto~san as what i have asked earlier, how was it being a celebrity?

Yuto: it's nice even if its a bit tiring at time. we get to entertain all the people and make their day a bit brighter.

Audience and Gea: Awwwwwwww...!!!!

Gea: How sweet!

Ghie: Awww.. it rily is sweet!But have you ever thought of quitting?

*audience are nervous like they have drank a whole pail of coffee..*

Yuto: well..how should i say this? at first it was awesome..the popularity and the attention demo i guess for some point in my life.. yeah. I did consider quitting. Like havin' a normal life.

Ghie: Eh?? Doshite?

Yuto: it would be nice to be able to live a normal life. Being famous has its perks but being normal..*sigh..is very fulfilling..

Gea: True. So true!

Ghie: I like his answer.. a lot..now let's move on to your love life. For a sensational group like you, composing of really handsome guys.. does Johnny~sama..allows you to have girlfriends?

*audience are really attentive and had their fingers crossed.

Yamada: No.Johnny~sama is very strict on that matter.

*audience were disheartened.

Yamada: but when we retire or maybe at the age 21, we paln on having gfs.

JUMP: *nods.

Audience: *starry eyed*  we'll be waiting for you~!!

Gea: *found in the audience*Yeah!!!!! hahahaha...

Ghie: looks like gea~chan really wanna wait for you guys..eh..gea!who do you like among the JUMP members?

Gea: a..ano..*blushes..

Ghie: kawaii!! gea~chan is blushing..hahaha..anyways..what kind of girl do you like?

1fangirl: I LOVE YOU DAI~CHAN!!!!

Daiki: *wide eyed coz he's surprise bout what had happened* Eh..honto ni arigato!

Gea: *goes back to stage* haha..dont be so shocked. Im sure you get that a lot.

Audience: KYAAA!!! we love you!!!!

Gea: *waves her hands as if to shut the audince which worked* Better!

~~> this fanfic is created by me and mei~chan..see u in the nxt episode..ive heard ikuta toma wud be there too..hahaha..and a lot of fun too,..ja^^

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